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Noddy Gowans Portrait photo

Noddy Gowans: Skier, Athlete, Producer and do’er of stuff.

Born in Stoke, NZ I was always the active one, never able to sit still for long, always up to something, designing and building in the garage or planing a new adventure.

I have been fortunate enough to put my energy and focus into sport, media and production. I’ve have had some great times working with amazingly talented photographers, athletes and film crews Worldwide .

Noddy? I guess the name was born from my inability to turn down a challenge, my willingness to attack life head on with a positive “can do” attitude and beaming grin.

Just remember all the corniest lines out there are true, life is an adventure and the more you take part and get involved, the more it unfolds.

The following images are just a few we’ve collected from various missions into the mountains and playgrounds of the world.

So grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy.

Noddy Gowans
Skier, Athlete, Producer.

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